Dnt Txt N Drv.

21 03 2011

We’ve written about this in an earlier blog entry but wanted to revisit things based on today being National Day of Awareness (with concern to distracted driving).  Hopefully WordPress will publish this in time for you to participate, but if not you can still follow the links for useful information.  The Remember Alex Brown Foundation is one entity that is doing incredible things to raise awareness for this issue, however we do not wish to discount the work of their predecessors or those that have followed in their footsteps.  Remember, we’re all in this together.

R.A.B. happens to be particularly instrumental in helping make this day one to reflect on eliminating texting and driving, as well as all other “distracted” forms of driving.  Our calling attention to this isn’t meant to condemn anyone, rather we’d like to ask that you make different choices going forward when faced with the temptation to drive while texting or talking on your cell phone.  Or for that matter, we ask that you not do anything that would prevent you from having full control of your vehicle while it’s moving.

We do not wish for you or anyone close to you to be the next statistic added to distracted driving fatalities.  Nobody should be lost to this.  It can be prevented.

More information about r.a.b. can be found HERE.  You can stamp your commitment against texting and driving HERE, which is free to do.




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