Local First Street Party 2014!

12 05 2014

This is one of our favorite local events of the season, every year. If you haven’t been, there’s no better time than NOW to make the necessary preparations. Here’s just a few reasons this is an event you don’t want to miss:

-outdoors (and the weather usually cooperates)
-amazing local food and drink
-incredible regional music and art showcase

If that’s not convincing enough, please direct your attention to the official lineup for this year’s party:

Local First Street Party 2014!

06.07.2014 / 3pm – midnight, in front of Bistro Bella Vita

Food vendors:

A Moveable Feast
Bandit Queen
Grand Rapids Pizza & Delivery
LINC Up Soul Food Cafe
Love’s Ice Cream
Montello Meat Market
Twisted Rooster
What the Truck

Entertainment lineup:

Grand Rapids Soul Club
Wazobia Grand Rapids
61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy
Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire
Root Doctor
Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers
Rick Chyme
Mustard Plug

(embedded video previews last year’s event, please note date/time change for 2014)


A picture’s worth a…

7 08 2013


…thousand words!  (but we won’t use nearly that many here)

If the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 (Bus) isn’t the most noticeable and memorable fixture of the “Woodstock” era, it simply must be among the top 3.  There’s no shortage of graphic images available from around the entire world, on display so each proud owner can show off their unique tribute to this now defunct mode of transportation.

In fact, this short blog entry was inspired by 4 different vintage VW buses seen in downtown Grand Rapids last weekend, on completely separate occasions.

Makes us pause long enough to appreciate the countless stories that are sure to be shared in the company of such creatively decorated machines (because it was a challenge to find one without a custom paint job, or at least vivid color).  Do you find the same holds true for you?

Take a break at some point and check out THIS tumblr spread, or if you don’t have a tumblr account just Google “vw hippie van” when time permits.  An entire plethora of colorful options will populate your screen, and quite possibly become reminiscent of some fond life experiences.

There’s even a fantastic annual event you can get involved with, if you should find yourself becoming a VW bus/van enthusiast.  You’ll have the opportunity to assemble with your friends and family, all while supporting a wonderful cause.  Win/win!

Whatever your level of exposure may already be with this fine German engineering, rest assured the Volkswagen Bus (or Camper, for our British folk) has forged a place in Pop Culture history.

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Taste the Globe

4 06 2013

44th annual Festival of the Arts

This Friday at noon will mark the 44th consecutive time Festival of the Arts has graced our presence.  Each year this proves to be no ordinary weekend, as volunteers take to the streets of downtown Grand Rapids, to launch a veritable cornucopia of entertainment offerings.  The lineup always proves to be so verbose that it’s best to simply tell you it can be found HERE.  (or click HERE if you’re viewing this from a mobile device)

If you haven’t been to this gathering before, pack accordingly (included but not limited to rain gear, sunscreen, objects to use as either a fan/shade/shelter – or all of the above, and plenty of cash, as you’ll most definitely not want to miss the world’s cuisine on display).  Regardless of your flavor preference, you can find it at Festival.

Speaking of volunteers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this event happens every year because of countless sacrifices from people just like you.  This is the country’s largest volunteer run event, and possibly even worldwide (but we’d have to check that last claim before calling it fact).  Point being, please be sure to thank each volunteer with whom you may come into contact because their hard work and dedication makes Festival possible.  Applications are always being accepted for new volunteers, please click HERE if you’d like to help serve.

Lastly, one main reason we really appreciate this community event is because of how it supports local vendors and showcases West Michigan’s finest talent.  There literally is something for everybody, so bookmark THIS link and revisit it often so you have your schedule all mapped out in advance.  Programs are also available at the event for a suggested donation.

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Party in the Street!

24 05 2013


Saturday, 06.01.13

That’s right, you heard us correctly.  As soon as you’ve secured the area and made sure you’re out of harm’s way, dance like nobody is watching… in the street!  We’re proud to help spread the word about this event every year.  2013’s installment of this favorite local showcase marks the 10th time our Local First friends have thrown this gala.  Let us tell you, there certainly have been countless memories forged in that span, and it’s great to see there are no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The fun kicks off at 3pm and is scheduled well into the late evening hour.  This is a FREE event, complete with a wide variety of local art, music, and fare.  The lineup is as follows:

You heard us mention food, right?  Boasting a very impressive group of vendors this year, Local First Street Party 2013 will offer the following choices:

And finally… it’s not often you attend a Local First event without also having the opportunity to partake in some amazing craft beer.  But don’t fret, if non-alcoholic is your preference, they have you covered as well.  Eager to help you wash down the delicious food, a few favorites will be on hand:

This is a celebration you will NOT want to miss, and it’s designed for the entire family (women, men, and children alike).  Special thanks to our Local First family for continuing to support this endeavor each year.  This simply would not exist without each and every one of us, and it’s a real privilege to be among all of you.  See you at the party!


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Need for Speed

18 03 2013

This is awesome.

Such attention to detail, very well done.



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