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8 12 2014


It’s only been a couple short years since Community Automotive Repair’s website upgrade but technological advances are happening faster than ever.  As such, we’re pleased to report our corner of the web will be completely revamped, to maximize a user-friendly online community.

You’ll still be able to schedule an appointment, link to our social media sites, ask our Service team a question, or browse the latest customer gallery photos.  In addition, you’ll have a much better browsing experience from your mobile devices.  We already had a site optimized for mobile viewing but given more of you are surfing from your phones these days, we need to meet you where you are.

This is just one more way we hope to improve your overall experience with our local auto repair shop.

Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.  Rest assured, a vastly improved site awaits!



Synthetic oil, myth versus truth

30 09 2014


Maybe your vehicle’s manufacturer requires synthetic oil, or you have a choice.  In either case, you should still learn why one type might perform better than another for your specific vehicle.  We recommend taking a closer look at this article from Vehicle MD regarding “The Truth About Synthetic Oil.”

For the record, we strongly support and recommend synthetic oil when applicable (Mobil 1, in most cases).  This topic of discussion has been sensationalized over the years, but these experts do a great job of cutting to the quick.  No conspiracy theories here.

In any event, you should always consult your vehicle’s owners manual when considering what application might work best for you.  Should you have any additional questions, we’ll be here to help you.

Inspection(s) can make/break experience

22 08 2014



An article published earlier this year in US News & World Report suggests six car buying mistakes to avoid, where #5 on the list is “Not getting a used car checked out.”

We cannot stress enough how this process can either lead to a favorable purchasing experience, or a chain of unfortunate events.  The old adage of “do your homework” couldn’t possibly be more applicable here.

We offer three different levels of inspections at Community Automotive Repair.  The first is a visual inspection that basically seeks to document common wear/tear and any upcoming or overdue maintenance services.  This is offered complimentary with each visit.

The remaining two inspection levels are different in that one (L1) is reserved more for an owner that’s already had the vehicle and would like to assure it’s “up to par” or safe for upcoming travel, whereas the more comprehensive option (L2) is specifically designed for pre-purchase circumstances.

It’s always best to identify and confirm the actual condition rather than be surprised by a breakdown with a vehicle you already own, or roll the dice on something new (to you) and risk being stuck with a lemon.

Call today for pricing and availability.  616.774.7048

Stay safe during severe weather!

8 07 2014

Wyoming MI tornado

With most recent events in Kentwood and Wyoming Michigan, it stands to reason we should review how to properly respond to inclement weather while driving.  Thankfully, the American Red Cross has already gone to the effort of making simple to follow instructions.

Might go without saying that the safest possible position would not be to operate a motor vehicle during a major storm, but if you must these are very important factors to keep in mind.

Error on the side of caution, always.  It’s not worth risking your life, or perhaps somebody else.

Photo credit: Bill Smiewec, courtesy of Mlive

Eyes On The Road

10 06 2014

Newly released Volkswagen PSA.

Please do not drive while distracted.

Pledge today.

Room for more

19 05 2014


What’s currently in your garage?  Do you even know?  Take just a few moments and consider what you might do with MORE space.

[pause for revelation]

What might you wish you could store if capacity weren’t an issue?  A tractor, summer convertible, or motorcycle perhaps?  These are just a few examples, whether or not you already own them.

The image on the left illustrates how quickly extra room can be consumed by tires, provided you’re currently holding onto yours. (or multiple pairs)  You may already know this but for those that don’t, we offer an extremely affordable tire storage option.  For the cost of two pizzas (or 1 XL pie from our friends GRPD), we can conveniently keep your tires on site in our enclosed/locked trailer.  $20 PER SEASON.  Yes, you heard us correctly.

So, let’s review this very simple process…

Of course, we must admit this is going to be a more pressing issue for those of you that (wisely) exchange your warmer weather tires in the summer for snow tires in the cold winter.  However, it doesn’t require this seasonal option.  Perhaps you carry an extra set for different reasons, or happen to have kids who use your garage as their own tire depository.  Whatever the case, all you have to do is indicate you’d like to advantage of this convenience.  We’ll tag your tires and relocate them from your garage to our on-site trailer.  What’s more, you can even keep your spare tires on different wheels for an extremely quick swap at the end of each applicable season.

Next time you’re in for an oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, or whatever need you may have, do yourself a favor and buy additional peace of mind for the low price of $20.  You can’t beat it.

*Environmental note* Tires pictured above are accumulated on site and given to a local company that recycles them, and some are even re-purposed into mulch for your landscaping needs – keep it green, folks!

This past winter may keep you busy…

27 03 2014


Here at Community Automotive we belong to several industry specific networks.  One of those corresponding partners is RepairPal, and recently they published a brief article we believe is worth the two minutes of your attention it requires.

Now, to be clear, we’re quite emphatically welcoming in spring so this whole “winter” business is not being revisited without specific purpose.  It’s no secret this has been a challenging season for a lot of people in West Michigan, not to mention the world.  That said, all of us deserve to usher in new hope the coming season brings.  Bottom line, we’re ready to turn the page.

By the same token, neglecting to monitor a few residual items may lead to bigger issues down the road, so to speak.  We’d rather partner with you now and tackle small things before they prove to be a more significant concern.

Take quick inventory and please let us know when we may be of service.

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