Best cars for (new) teen drivers, possibly…

21 07 2014


An inquiry we receive quite regularly from parents of newly turned teenage drivers is, “what might the safest possible option for my son/daughter be when it comes to cars on the road?”

A fair question, but not an easy one to answer.  Unfortunately, you’ll most often receive equally as many answers as people you ask.  For that reason we’ve decided to do a little research, and the NY Daily News recently published an article that appears to be relatively consistent with our findings.  Mind you, this is taking into account a brand new vehicle purchase.  We don’t necessarily feel that’s your best option, but if that’s the direction you’re leaning this list may prove to be quite helpful.

Alternatively, there’s a quality pre-owned vehicle.  The majority of people, we suspect, will fall into this category.  These days most vehicles are trustworthy.  The key is to learn how many owners there have been of each specific vehicle, whether or not there have been any accidents, if the routine maintenance has been performed, and if most of the miles were highway or city.  These four criteria form a sounding board for becoming a wise consumer when purchasing a new (to you) vehicle.

Whichever you may decide, we recommend your son/daughter first spend adequate time with your family vehicle, if for no other reason than to become familiar and confident with the ways of the road.  Of course, these days kids are required to spend a certain amount of time practicing, and in some areas actually cannot obtain their license without first attending a driving school.  No matter the degree of prerequisite training, make sure they’re well versed on safety guidelines and what it takes to become a defensive driver.

Stay safe, and best of luck to your new driver.


Back to Basics – know your A/C

23 04 2013


Thankfully, it’s almost that time of year again.  Won’t be long now before we’re enjoying much warmer weather in Michigan, and there’s no better time than now to make sure the climate control in your vehicle is ready.  It may be counter-intuitive because you’re not running your air conditioning in the winter, or are you?  Actually, it’s likely you are, and more than you may realize.  Air conditioning comes into play each time you need to defrost your windshield.  Some of you may have noticed your A/C light comes on when you select defrost on your climate control dial/settings.  OK, so the point is you may be using some form of your vehicle’s A/C system year round.

Given your A/C endures a full workout, here are some of the more common things to look for that might indicate your system is due for service:

  • You’re noticing condensation on your vehicle’s interior floorboard
  • Fan motor is making more noise than you recall
  • An unfamiliar odor can be detected from the vent(s)
  • You notice the vehicle overheating, or at least running hotter than normal when the A/C is in operation
  • Interior windows are fogging badly with defrost setting
  • You notice some of the interior dash controls are not working as they should, may be related to faulty climate control system
  • Your vehicle’s engine idles high or actually stalls when the A/C is in operation
  • Your fan motor or blower will not work at all, or intermittently
  • Desired cooling temperature is not reached when A/C is in operation
  • You notice your vehicle’s engine making unusual noises when the A/C is in operation
  • No air is blowing from the interior vent(s)

The maintenance in some of these cases is rather minor, and often ends up being routine.  However, if you neglect these symptoms it may lead to potential damage of your climate control system, if not also your engine.  Technology has changed quite a bit, so please don’t assume all you need is a can of refrigerant to “recharge” your system.  That may, in fact, be the case but more than likely you’ll benefit from having an accurate diagnosis.  Most vehicles made within the past 10 years also have their systems connected to the vehicle’s computer.  This process requires proper tools and Air Conditioning Service Experts.

As with most things, when in doubt… feel free to give us a call with your questions.  We’re here to make sure this spring and summer are as pleasant as possible, at least from the standpoint of what we’re able to control.  After all, we don’t have dibs on what Mother Nature decides.

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27 09 2012

It’s been almost two years since the initial concept of this expansion proposal was first discussed.  We’ve learned a great deal through this process, probably none more important than the routine intricacies and protocol that must be adhered to verbatim.  Also, it became very evident just how delicately we had to navigate each step at times so the best advice we can offer is “do your homework well ahead of schedule.”

Thank you to everyone in our immediate neighborhood and surrounding communities, especially independent local business owners.  We’re really fortunate to be members of such a forward thinking and supportive business alliance, and we can’t express enough gratitude to the East Fulton / Wealthy / East Hills / Midtown/ Eastown / Uptown areas.  Truly, we believe just about anything is possible with this group, collectively.

Phase 1 consists of making room for 10-12 additional parking spaces, something we’ve desperately needed and know will please our neighbors.  Phase 2 (which is still inconclusive) is to build out 5 additional mechanic bays.  Our business flow warrants the expansion, but given our lack of desire to relocate or open a second location, we’re limited by what real estate may be available.  Consistent efforts will be made to achieve our goal of growing this business to meet the demands of our community.  Once we have definitive updates, we’ll post them to our website.

Thanks again for hanging in there with us.  It means more than we can properly convey.

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