Convenience adds value.

7 07 2011

Here at Community Automotive Repair we’ve had online tools available for quite some time, only recently we’ve had to be completely honest with ourselves and admit that our technologies were becoming tired and borderline obsolete.  That’s a clear wake up call that our system needed a shot in the arm!

For years we’ve had the option of scheduling appointments and corresponding with our shop via e-mail.  Only it appeared as if several people would still use our “contact us” feature to send general e-mail (especially spammers – we’ll defend ourselves from your elusive SEO optimization scheme when you ask if we have a website in the same introduction!) so we felt it was a good idea to remind you about the methods in which you can conveniently schedule an appointment for our services and leave special details about the symptoms (if applicable) you’re experiencing.  No longer will you need to rely on that vintage Franklin Covey planner to keep you organized.

Simply click HERE and you’ll be directed to our scheduling applet, or if you’re on facebook you can accomplish the exact same task without having to log out of your account by clicking HERE.  The point we’re making is that it has never been easier to save yourself time and reserve your spot in line.  That’s right, all of this can be done without picking up a phone or physically stopping in to our location.  In fact, those of you with smartphones won’t even have to wait until you’re in front of a computer.

It was time to make some adjustments (for your benefit) and we’ve done exactly that.  We believe you’ll agree that this process will feel more like that nice worn in sofa you’ve come to appreciate after a long day of work.

Kick up your feet, relax, we’ll take it from here.


Happy FrEEday!

24 06 2011

06.24.11 marks the launch of another small way we hope to give back to all of you that have supported Community Automotive Repair.

We made it clear from the beginning that we would never lobby or become political for somebody’s vote to “like” us. That said, it took a long time for us to develop a manner in which to grow this social presence and stay committed to our original core values.

In several talks we’ve had with other small businesses we’re fortunate to call neighbors, partners, and friends… we’ve arrived at one simple solution we hope meets your approval.

We’d like more people to know about us (doesn’t that go without saying?) but we don’t tolerate popularity contests. That’s why we invite you to share information about this (what will likely be one of many others to come) small promotion with other you know would directly benefit from hearing about it.

We’d like to introduce you to Free Friday (or FrEEday for short). Every Friday going forward we’re going to give you the opportunity to win a valuable service for FREE. We took a poll and found that most customers are interested in the opportunity to pay ZERO for the oil change service to be done on their vehicle. You made that clear and now it’s time to give you what you’ve requested.

We’re leading with and may stick with one FREE standard oil change service every Friday in 2011. The way this works is very easy.

We’re asking at least 5% (based on our actual current amount of “fans”) of you to “like” our FrEEday post each week. That 5% number will increase as more people add Community Automotive Repair’s page to their feed (new “likes” of the page). Once that 5% mark is reached in “likes” of the FrEEday post every week, the amount of people IN WEST MICHIGAN that make up that 5% will be entered into a daily drawing for FREE service.

The more people you tell, the quicker we reach the qualifying point for the contest each week. 5% response is not difficult, especially as the total number of people following the contest increases. In the interest of full disclosure, this gives you an opportunity to share the news (and participate yourself) of FREE service(s) and it helps us grow our brand and social presence.  Bottom line, we’ve partnered with you in creating a win/win proposition.

OK, now you know how everything works… just a few conditions to cover and it’s GO time.
1) employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to win, but they may still participate if they choose
2) oil change service in particular is limited to standard, premium and synthetic options are available – customer simply needs to pay the difference in cost
3) oil offered for this promotion is limited to 5 quarts – customer to pay difference if vehicle requires additional oil
4) contest offer and rules are subject to change

Who wants FREE service(s)?

Happy FrEEday!

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